Uncovering Hidden Value Within Your Organization

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As a director or financial controller, you likely feel constant pressure to cut costs and boost efficiency. Rather than looking externally to solve these problems, have you considered the untapped potential within your own organization?
Your employees encounter inefficient processes and potential improvements daily. They have valuable insights but may hesitate to speak up due to concerns their input won’t be implemented or could reveal problems that reflect poorly on them.
This perception gets baked into the culture when they present poorly articulated business cases and requests for expenditure that are summarily rejected.

To encourage an innovation culture:

  • Implement simple processes for submitting ideas.
  • Communicate the types of suggestions you’re looking for.
  • Personally review submissions and provide feedback.

Employees want their voices heard. When you show their insights matter, you empower them to identify waste and opportunities for optimization you may have overlooked.
Seeking ideas internally complements external solutions like new systems and tools. Combining internal creativity with regular analysis of your IT portfolio ensures alignments with strategic goals.

The most successful optimization strategies are multifaceted. They leverage:

  • Internal idea generation
  • Ongoing IT portfolio analysis
  • Digital transformation workshops
  • Managed services

With a holistic approach, you can cut costs, boost efficiency, and drive growth through innovation. The key is uncovering the ideas and potential already within your organization.

Empower your team to help shape the future success of your company.

If you would like to discuss in more detail how to put this into practice in your business, please message me or schedule a time in my diary to catch up.
I would be happy to provide specific recommendations tailored to your organization’s needs.

Leigh Brotherston