Virtual CIO Services to help Transform your Business

Now more than ever you need a commercial advantage
to rapidly scale your business.
With market shifts come significant opportunities and risks. 
Make no mistake in the last 18 months
“The Market Has Shifted”


Customers and staff are raising the bar when choosing companies to buy from and work with. Make sure your business is their no 1 choice and stays in the lead.

The digital landscape is now more competitive than ever with most retailers and businesses having some form of presence online, ensuring that they are where their customers are
Bootstrap your initiatives through rapid and agile adoption of digital services.

It can be overwhelming when trying to address business problems. You might know what you need to fix, but not have the know-how or the resources required to bring your plan to fruition.

This is where a Digital Maturity Assessment helps you get a glimpse of the bigger picture. It is a framework that transforms ideas into actions so that your team become aligned on principles to propel your business forward in a systematic way.

A Business Improvement Review allows us to understand where there are opportunities for business growth in your organisation and create logical steps in moving forward so that you can stay on a trajectory of business success.

A Digital Transformation Discovery Process helps you stop wasting time, money and energy spent implementing these solutions in a reactive way and provides a complete business and technology project plan.

Who’s Minding The Store?

Is your Team  Supported

Are they well informed and enabled by your information technologies?

Most importantly – Are your staff uniformly well trained in the use of your solutions?

Is your Vision Being Realized?

Do you have fantastic analytics and reports that keep you updated in real time and help you to plan your next market dominating move?

Are you getting the best results?

Do you have clear lines of accountability for your critical line of business systems operations

Agility is the catalyst for transformation

How well integrated are your systems?

Who is driving your business systems innovation and reviewing efficiency and technology alignment beyond the replacement of servers and workstations?

How well managed are your information technology risks?

Is there a qualified person appointed to administer clearly defined IT compliance policies and processes?

Do your DR Plans go beyond individual system backups and cover whole systems recovery and the ability to run the business offsite?

Are your systems optimized?

Can you envision improvements?

Are your business systems sufficiently agile and efficient or are they slowing you down in some areas?

Is your technology keeping up with your competitors?


Key Business Metrics To Track


How has your organization significantly changed and evolved over the last 5 years?


What is the one thing that you could change in your organization to create radical competitive advantage?

growth rate

What was the growth rate of the organization in the last 3 years and how will you maintain this growth rate?


Who are your best clients? What makes them happy and how do you engage and collaborate with them?


What are the most challenging processes in the organization? Why?


Is your customer base growing fast enough? What is the one thing you would change to increase sales?


What are the main challenges to improve the personal productivity of managers and employees?


Is your Information Technology run by a technology expert or a business person? Is IT supporting or leading business growth?



How advanced and effective is your online marketing and use of corporate social media?

With, you have a service delivery partner with two decades of experience simplifying complexities improving productivity and enhancing protection, leaving you to concentrate on your core business goals. 

What was the last thing you successfully implimented
that was a force multiplier to
accelerate your business?